Starting From The Bottom

So, this is really happening. I officially have a blog! I have a space to call my own where I can get creative and do my thing. For years I had wanted to start my own blog to just get out my thoughts out, but like many for whatever reason it just didn’t pan out. Life got busy, I got distracted, or discouraged (most likely) and it just didn’t happen. But not this time…

Over the past couple months in preparation for this I have noticed: my writing skills are unpolished, my photography skills are less than par, and some of my ideas just aren’t blog worthy. So, basically I have AMATURE written all over me. And you want to know something?! I am totally 100% (realistically more like 85%) ok with it. We all have to start somewhere, myself included. The most important thing is that this time I have ACTUALLY started.


I am looking at it as an amazing opportunity to grow, to learn from the bottom, and begin to master my craft (in whatever capacity that may be). My pictures might not be great quality or positioned perfectly but, I am having fun trying. I’m pretty confident I will get better with practice and I am looking forward to watch myself develop.

As a self proclaimed perfectionist, I would love to already be an expert. There is a HUGE part of me that wants to go out and buy all new things because I want my pictures to have flare and appeal to your senses. I want to lure you in to be inspired through my cooking, motivate to change your life, or for you to go check out the most recent hot spot. I figure that if I had all of that, anyone who stumbled across this blog would see a professional with skill and that I am worthy to follow on a regular basis…


But in reality, that is simply just not me. I’m a newbie, with no connections, no professional experience, and a job in finance. I am a regular average joe consumer just simply doing my thing. So, you may see my most newest creation on a plain white dish with a huge chip on the side and shot with my IPhone, but hey, that’s who I am and that’s good enough for me! Truth is, the chipped plate is my favourite because I like its character and how it is different from the rest. Maybe there is something deeper in that, who knows.


Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what my content will consist of and I cant promise I will always have a boat load of interesting things going on, but you can count on me doing my thing and making most of whatever I have.

So, whatever this looks like or whatever is to come, your guess is as good as mine. But I will say this- stay tuned because I’m just getting started!



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