A Little More About Bea

Since we are just starting on this blog journey together, I thought it would be smart to let you into my world a little and provide a Readers Digest condensed version of what it’s like to be me.

I’m married.  In July 2016 I married my best friend and man of my dreams.  His name is Mike and he is undoubtedly the most amazing man I have ever met (sorry dad!).  Ever since the first day he walked into my life, he has been nothing but fun, loving and supportive.  Not a day goes by that I don’t admire the person that he is.  I doubt he will ever truly know how much he means to me, but I  plan to spend my life trying to show him.


I love Jesus.  Growing up we always went to church, but it wasn’t until I was 25 that I really found out what it meant to follow Jesus.  In what was probably the lowest point of my life, my eyes were opened to the Truth of God.  And in that mess He began to rebuild my life into what you see it as today, however I will never forget where I came from because it allows me to be remain grateful for everyday that comes.

Source: ericekidwell.com

Food=Passion.  I really like food and all it has to offer.  In one way shape or form all my passions, ambitions, and hobbies revolve around the 4 letter word.  I am all about enjoyment in the kitchen through cooking and like to eat real food with love poured into it. My favourite pastimes are grocery shopping, visiting local markets, and searching out unique café’s and hotspots.  All in hopes of discovering delicious food that capitalize on real ingredients.


I love to walk.  Walking is totally my jam.  Since I live in the Niagara Region, I’m very fortunate to have a  ton of parks, paths, and waterways to choose from.  On any given day you can find me hitting up the beautiful canal bank or even just the city streets.  I love to hear the birds chirp, see the trees change with the seasons and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Walking is my exercise of choice because going to the gym grates on my soul lol.


I work in finance.  Specifically international finance, which is usually pretty shocking to people because I have so much personality and I’m fun!  Just kidding, accountants being boring is totally a stereotype…well to a certain degree I suppose.  Anyway, I really like numbers and my 9-5 gig is pretty freakin awesome.


Well, I think that’s good for now.

Until the next time!


If you haven’t checked out my bio yet, click here


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