Cloudy With A Chance of Adventure

It has rained non-stop for 4 days.  It has been dark, dreary, cold and well, May.  I think that I can speak for everyone when I say that the warm weather cannot come soon enough and despite having a mild winter, it seems like it is taking forever to get here.  On the bright side (which is where I tend to hangout), the grass is so green!  It is refreshing to see life starting to pop out of the trees and just about every shade of green making its way onto the scene.  The weather is taking a turn for the better in a couple days and I know this will all be a fond memory.

So green! So pretty! Walking into work on Monday Morning and being serenaded by a robin. Simply Stunning!

That said, 4 days in the rain can definitely start getting to you.  Especially when you want nothing more than to get outside, start yard work, and plan your gardens for the summer.  So, Mike and I decided to make the most of it and take the time to do what we do best; Doopty-doo.

To “doopty-Doo” means to putter around, get things accomplished, be out and about with no particular place to go and on no particular timeline. These types of days are always my jam and without anything holding us back right now, the possibilities are endless.  Just an FYI, I totally made up that definition…add it to the Urban Dictionary!

So, how does one doopty-doo?

Step #1 – Be Lazy, slowly get ready, and head out.. don’t forget the snacks!

I may have started my day bright and early but I definitely was not motivated to move very fast.  I lounged around and sipped coffee for almost 3 hours until Mike got up.  Talk about the good life.  Honestly, I love being able to take my time on weekends.  Around 11:30, we decided to get ready and get going.  Despite not really knowing what that meant for us, we knew that we probably would not be home for a while so, that only means one thing… SNACKS!  Being hangry is a real life issue for me.  I literally cannot go anywhere for long periods of time without snacks and water.  So, I packed up some Way Better Snacks and LaraBar’s to take along with us for the ride.


Step #2 – Eat a delicious lunch

The key to an awesome/successful doopty-doo day is making sure you eat awesome food all day long.  We kind of figured we were heading out of town, so decided to grab lunch at Antipastos  on our way through. Their food is dynamite if you are looking for something fast and delicious.  I went with a fresh turkey on focaccia and Mike had a toasted chicken parmesan on a bun and a butter tart.  We always get the same things but their menu is huge and totally worth checking out!


Step #3 – Come up with a game plan  but keep your options open

After lunch we hopped in the car and ultimately decided we were heading to Mississauga.  The reasons were simple;  we both wanted to go shopping for clothes,  we love going to different Costco’s, and I have an obsession with Whole Foods.  So, Mississauga was the place to go because all within a short drive we could hit up our trifecta of fun.  There was also another underlying motivation but I will get to that a little later.

Step #4 – make unscheduled stops along the way

Have you ever heard of Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery?  If not, allow me to enlighten you.  It is a Niagara Region distillery just off the QEW and is simply just awesome.  Their mantra is “honest quality ingredients” and their craft in the industry is like no other.  I would highly recommend checking this place out.  We pretty much HAD TO stop in because they recently launched an Orangecello and we couldn’t wait to add it to our collection.  So, obviously it made great sense to stop on in as we were passing by.


Step #5 – explore

Once we made it safely to Mississauga our first stop was Costco.  Our reason behind checking out different stores is because their products vary due to market demands.  We often find the grocery scene in the bigger stores are way better in terms of organic variety than the one we have locally.  I managed to pick up a few new items that I know I will never find at home…this makes me very happy.

Then it was off to Square One shopping mall.  All I can say is, WAY WAY too many people.  Holy cow!  It honestly took us 25 minutes to find a parking spot!  Good thing Mike is patient because I would have left and drove home lol.  It really makes me appreciate the small town I come from.  Despite not actually buying any clothes, it definitely was not all for nothing…HELLO CINNABON!!


Conveniently located within the same parking lot (THANK GOODNESS WE DIDN’T HAVE TO MOVE THE CAR) they had a Whole Foods.  It was cool to check out a new store and see the different products and food they offer. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick any of them up but it is always fun to browse.  We did manage to grab some drinks before heading out.  Mike had a dark roast coffee and after a lot of hmm-ing and haaa-ing I had a turmeric latte.  I was a little reluctant at first… but YES SO GOOD and really happy I pushed my drink horizon a little!  I will try and make a homemade version and keep you posted.


Step #6 – weigh the possibilities

At this point it was around 5pm and we had a dilemma on our hands.  Do we head home or do we keep going?  The easy and comfort zone answer was, head home and chill for the night…the awesome answer was KEEP GOING, so that’s what we did.  The destination?  Barrie, of course!  The truth is, I have a really good friend that lives there and I knew she was having a party at her house that night to celebrate her birthday.  This was a bit of a hidden motivator in my mind all day and apparently, same with Mike.  So, off we went to surprise our friend!

Today is a gift
Source: Google

Step #7 – drive safe and eat awesome

The weather on the 400 was a bit rough.  It was drizzling pretty bad and super windy but we just blared the tunes and enjoyed the ride.  We rolled into town around 630ish and decided to hit up Panera Bread for dinner.  The food is always good (definitely overpriced) and quick.  I love all the options they have and everything is super fresh…for a chain I suppose.  I had a Greek salad and Mike had a turkey avocado on rye with a garden salad.


Step #8 – celebrate

My friend Brenda was super excited to see us and I was just excited to see her!  It was awesome to catch up a bit, spend time with her friends and hear what they have all been up to over the last few years.  We all shared some drinks, snacks, laughs and stories but after a couple hours knew we had to hit the road.



Step #9 – get home safe

Case and point really.

Step #10 – reflect

I will never regret taking the extra time to see my friend.  I don’t know if everyone is like this, but I know I can become so stuck in my everyday routine or over plan things so that it limits the opportunity for randomness.  This days randomness was so amazing.  To not have any limits, timelines, or rules was…well freeing.

Our accomplishments were very few but our stories are many…

Live life. Live awesome.


Just Me


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