Dinner Duty

Mike and I live in the 9-5 world.  Having a regular work week schedule keeps things on a very routine basis.  I mean, I don’t hate it.  In fact, I find a lot of comfort in routine but the truth is, sometimes meals can get a little on the repetitive side and for the lack of better words, boring.

During the work week I pretty much eat the same thing for breakfast every day; sliced banana, topped with cashew and almond butter, raisins, and nuts.  It’s portable, delicious, nutritious, fills me up, and makes me happy.  Depending how hungry I am, I may add diced apple or switch it up completely and have a smoothie or oatmeal but for the most part, this is how I roll.

Work Lunch.JPG

The routine continues well into the lunch hour, however, recently we have tried to jazz it up.  For the last month or so,  I have made it my mission in life to kick the old lunches to the curb and pump some life back into our midday meal.  It was a little tough at first, but now I have learned to make extra for dinner so we can always have left overs the next day.  It has been absolutely awesome.


Now, I said we work the 9-5 but the truth is, I work the 8-4 shift in life, which means I end up getting home about an hour before Mike does.  So, it makes a lot of sense that dinner has become by domain, and believe me, I am not complaining.  I would say that we eat 90% of meals at home, so it is sometimes tricky coming up with dinner ideas that keep things exciting and don’t become repetitive on a weekly basis.

Before we were married, we would hang out 3 times a week.  So, coming up with dinner ideas was really easy.  One day chicken, the next fish, the next beef.  No brainer.  However, the transition to married life quickly changed to a 7 day a week party and that is when the challenge began.  By the time Thursday rolled around I was stumped to try and come up with new ideas using variations of the staples.  I would try and probe Mike for some ideas but we always came back with the casual “whatever you want to make babe”.  So I had to push my comfort zone a little bit, tap into my arsenal of archived recipes and of course consult my home girl Pinterest!

So what have we been eating lately?!  Well, allow me to show you!!

Mozzarella and basil stuffed chicken with cucumber and tomato salad and broccoli


Steak fajitas with all the fixings

Steak Fajitas with all the fixings

BBQ’d cedar plank salmon with roasted sweet potatoes/potatoes and broccoli

BBQ'd cedar plank salmon with broccoli and roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes and rosemary

Garlic infused olive oil pasta with shrimp

Garlic Infused Olive Oil Pasta With Shrimp

Easy naan pizza

Easy naan pizza

It is pretty easy for us right now because we do not have kids or a ton of after work commitments that limit our ability to eat at home.  But, I think we have done well at mastering the craft of creating week night meals that are delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare, and you can have on the table in about 30 minutes.  So, with a little preparation, I really do feel these meals can be easily adapted into any household if you are willing to give them a try.

I really hope that some of these meals make you jealous and that you try to incorporate them into your regular routine.  You can definitely look forward to a ton of great recipes to come so I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! I am pretty excited as we are on the cusp of BBQ season and that creates a whole new ball game for meal ideas…Stay tuned!



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