A Mother’s Day To Remember…

I am fortunate enough to know a ton of really great moms.  Who, throughout the years have provided me with such an amazing example of what it takes to raise a family.  At this time in my life, I do not have any children, but its hard to say what the future has in store.

Mother’s Day used to be a really tough time for me.  This is because my mom passed away 8 years ago and when I reflect back to that time, I cant believe how much things have changed since then.

I remember that time so clearly and vividly like it was yesterday.  Back then, I was a very different person with a very different perspective on life.  I spent most of my days feeling sad and lost, and never for 1 second did I ever think that I would stand a chance to be happy.  I never thought I would grow to be a person I could be proud of, or that I would have anyone in my life that loved me to the extent that I so badly wanted…

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I had a lot of guilt and resentment from the relationship with my mom…but I can’t blame her entirely for my struggle.  A lot of it was my fault and the choices that I made. (I have decided to share the story around my mom with anyone who may want to read.  Please click here: Lu )

Only I am different now,  life is different now, and this Mother’s Day I ACTUALLY had a mom to celebrate!  Who, I don’t think has any idea how amazing she truly is and how much she has impacted my life.  My mother-in-law is nothing short of incredible and has welcomed me into her family as if I was her own.  She is a supportive, loving, and understanding woman who I feel privileged to be able to have in my life.  She is an example of what I want to be as a wife and hopefully, one day as a mother.  Heck, if I could even be half the woman she is, that would be good enough for me.


The way I show love to someone is through food.  I enjoy taking the time to carefully plan out a meal with the person of horour in mind and pour my whole heart into it. This year for Mother’s Day,  I asked my mother-in-law and my best friend (who will have a whole post to herself one day) to come by for dinner.


Mike picked up 2 beautiful bouquets of flowers and trimmed them perfectly for the table.  The menu consisted of sliced french baguette with balsamic, herb roasted whole chicken, roasted asparagus and tomatoes, sautéed carrots and onions with thyme, salad, and of course dessert…which was a lemon blueberry bundt cake drizzled with glaze.  You can find the recipe here  (her cake is SO MUCH NICER THAN MINE so don’t judge)

The night was perfect.  There were so many laughs, a lot of tears, and so much love in one room, it was incredible.  The tears were not sad tears (or because of the wine), they were a long time coming and I think just a sign of appreciation…


To God mainly.  As I sat at the table staring at the people around it, it was so surreal.  I couldn’t help but to think back to those really tough times, when I chose to believe that there was a better life for me.  I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling sad and lost.  I wanted a good life full of love and happiness.  I have always had a good support system in my family but never in my wildest dreams did I think a night like this would ever be possible.

I feel so blessed to have these amazing women in my life…wine stained teeth and all!


I’m sorry if it seems like I am bragging…

God may have taken my mom, but He has provided her amazing back up to watch over me while she is gone.  There were a lot of tough years to endure, but I wouldn’t change a single minute of it.

I am so grateful for my life and thankful to the people I spend it with.

A little on the deep side, but nevertheless, definitely necessary.



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