Market Musings: Buy Local

I am a huge fan of the market and always have been.  Specifically, the Saturday Welland Market, located in my hometown.  However, this post applies to everyone because there are markets popping up everywhere and with spring well on its way here in Canada, that can only mean one thing…

Abundant variety of in-season LOCAL produce and basically it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Creek Shore Farms
Creek Shore Farms

If you are, or want to become, a lover of all things fruit and vegetable related, this is the place for you!

This past weekend marked my very first visit to the market and I am already hooked!  The sun was shining, the air was cool, and the buzz of produce chatter filled the air.  There is something so intoxicating about this place and I am so happy my winter hiatus is finally over.

Bow-Ridge Herbs

At this stage in the game, vendors are a little scarce and produce is just starting to make its way on to the scene but in a matter of weeks, this will be a totally different story.  The market goes from easy going vibes, small chat, and leisurely pace to CUT THROAT crowds and mayhem.

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little but the pace definitely does change… but in the best way possible.  It is amazing to see how much the market scene is growing.  The vendors are multiplying, the variety is abundant, but most importantly the crowds are coming and taking advantage of what the region has to offer.  It is amazing!

Weilands Orchard
Weiland’s Orchard

A little tip of advice, there are wholesale vendors at the market too and I recommend you take the time to do your homework.  Pick  your produce wisely and make sure you are buying and supporting a local farm.  If you see a stand you like, take the time to chat, more often than not, the person standing behind the counter is the actual farmer.  Trust me, they will be more than happy to share with you anything you may want to know about the farm or their produce.

The amount of work, time, and love these local farmers pour into their fields is for our benefit.  The produce is fresh, vibrant, and nothing can beat that.

Creekshore Farms
Creek Shore Farms

The best part is, the market is for everyone!  Whether you are picking up your weekly groceries, going for something to do, or looking to incorporate healthier habits into your life, the early morning trip is the way to do it.

There are a ton of vendors that provide such a vast range of items that are sure to please anyone and everyone.  The  list is long and constantly changing but you can expect to find;  fresh produce, meat & deli, prepared foods, baked goods, flowers, artisans, and much much more.

Also, as an advocate for organic produce, I am thrilled that there are more and more organic options becoming available at each and every market I attend.  It is absolutely wonderful to be able to support these growing farms who dedicate so much time and effort into quality produce.


My produce purchasing decisions are made by selecting the largest variety possible.  I love to fill my fridge with just about anything I can get my hands on.  This way I can get creative and provide amazing, healthy, and robust meals for my husband and I.

When market season is in full swing my purchasing process is easy:

  1. Get up early and go to the market.
  2. Scope out the local organic options and pickup anything that is calling  my name.
  3. Walk through the entire venue and see what new produce is available.
  4. Buy a variety of all fruit and vegetables currently being offered.  This is crucial because the window for some items are so small… seize the moment when you have it and just pick it up.  Otherwise, it may not be back until next year.
  5. Go to the grocery store and pick up all other items.
  6. Go home, EAT!!!! and enjoy what our region has provided you.
Market Fresh Salad- Featuring Local Niagara Region Produce

I highly encourage you to take the time to go check out your local market!  Believe me, you will not regret it.  If fact, I am sure you will quickly realize why my passion to spread the word is so strong and start incorporating the weekly visit into your regular routine!

Eat Food. Love Life.




4 thoughts on “Market Musings: Buy Local

  1. I’m also a big fan of the Welland market! I love just about anything they sell there. Mike loves the Pamela Bacon on a bun that is usually being grilled up. I love to pick up fresh corn when it’s in season – there’s nothing better!!
    I’m sure I’ll see you at the market sometime soon 😉


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