WIAW – Eats Lately & Recap!

This WIAW post (if you’re thinking, more like WTF?  Click here) is going to showcase 3 days of awesome eating.  As well as highlight the fact that balance is key and food should NOT be boring.

This past weekend was the perfect balance of all things I love and more!  Between the gorgeous weather, minimal plans, lots of family, and tons of food, I can’t even help but feel grateful for all the memories and delicious eats that went down.


Starting with…

Friday Breakfast @ the office: Banana’s and strawberries (from Ontario finally!!) topped with raisins, cashew butter, homemade crunchy almond butter, pumpkin seeds, and cinnamon.

I love this breakfast and apparently so do some of the people in my office!  One look and smell of this eclectic mix and my co-workers are hopping on the bandwagon. I.AM.THRILLED people are looking to improve their health and overall food choices… I mean, it’s only 2 people but HEY, it’s the small victories!

Fruit Bowl With Nut Butter

Friday Lunch: As a lover of all things egg-yolky, I have been adding a sunny-side up egg to just about anything I can these days. This lunch consisted of toasted sprouted 12 grain with avocado mash, sliced tomato, beets, and topped with a perfectly cooked (yas!) sunny-side up egg.  When I got back to work, I also had AMAZING chocolate chip banana bread from a co-worker and a GT Kombucha.

Avocado Toast

Friday Dinner: We had plans of getting things accomplished Friday night, so to ensure we had a ton of time, we opted to have one of our quick, never fail, go to meals.  Pesto pasta, topped with roasted whole tomatoes, and a TON of fresh basil from our garden.

Pesto Pasta with Roasted Whole TOm

Mike and I both had a can of Muskoka Detour, which, if you are lucky enough to have access to, I would highly recommend (Ontario Craft Beer + Me = Happy).  You can pretty much bank on anything from Muskoka Brewery to be a really great beer to try.


Moving on to Saturday, (which was absolutely gorgeous) my morning started off SUPER early.  The first thing on my agenda was to stop off at the grocery store and farmers market to grab all our goodies for the week… oh and eat donuts!  After having 1 bite, I knew I had to buy some for Mike to enjoy with his morning coffee.  A day late from National Donut Day, but hey, better late than never!


Saturday Breakfast: 2 x coffee with almond milk and a mixed berry smoothie-bowl.  The smoothie-bowl had frozen raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, banana, Suja juice, almond milk, and cinnamon.  Then I topped it with a ton of great things like strawberries, bananas, Niagara Blend granola, crushed almonds and cashews.  So good!

Smoothie Bowl

Since the morning was absolutely stunning, I just had to suit up and head out for a long walk to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!  I am super fortunate to have access to a ton of really great walking trails and I take advantage of them whenever I get a chance.

Welland CanalWelland Canal

As soon as I got back, I was starving!  So, a big satisfying lunch was definitely on the menu.

Saturday Lunch: Avocado Tuna Melt on sprouted 12 grain with a glass of ice cold lemon & lime water.  I am telling you, this sandwich is out of this world amazing and nothing short of awesome. Think avocado, tuna, mozzarella, crispy, buttery, and delicious!

Tuna Avocado Melt.PNG

The afternoon consisted of hanging out with the fam, playing with the kids, and having a few dad beers out on the patio.


Once we got home, it was time to fire up the BBQ to grill up an awesome, flavour-filled, herbaceous, and satisfying meal…

Saturday Dinner:  Lemon rosemary rainbow trout with grilled asparagus, roasted peppers, and cucumber tomato salad with ciabatta for dipping!!!  Oh baby, this meal is the PERFECT summer BBQ dish.  It is so easy to whip together and so, so, SO delicious.

Rainbow Trout & AsperagusRainbow Trout, Asperagus, Cucumber Salad

After dinner, we decided to go on a date and head to the movies!  Which is HUGE because I can’t remember the last time we have been.  Did you know they have recliners now?!  Talk about awesome!! We went and saw Baywatch, which, I thought was actually really funny!  I mean, there was a ton of unnecessary cursing but I guess that is entertainment these days…haha I sound like I am a 75 year old lady lol. Back in my day (shake my cane)…

Saturday @ the movies: Popcorn!!! And snuck in secret snacks made up of trail mix, dried bananas, coconut, and water.


Sunday was not exactly a 3 meals + snacks kind of day.  Reason being, I married an Italian and we were going to his grandmothers for lunch. And when I say lunch, I mean more food then you will ever need to eat in one afternoon type meal…and I kind of love it.  But, your girl eats, so breakfast was an absolute must!

Sunday Breakfast: Coffee x 2 and a banana with cashew butter and homemade almond butter.  As you can see, there is no plate showing because I eat this straight from the jar – One bite banana, scoop of almond butter, chew, one bite banana, scoop of cashew butter, chew…  There is ZERO shame and a day does not go by that I don’t eat nut butter straight from the jar…so, lucky for Mike we don’t share lol!


Lunch with Family: Again, SO MUCH FOOD!!! Here we go; sautéed mushrooms/peppers/ onions, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, corn, over cooked cauliflower, mixed green salad, pasta, meatballs, sausage, ANDDD ribs.  Literally all I have to do is show up and sit down (basement kitchen type style) and enjoy this amazing, LOVE FILLED, BEST Italian food ever.Italian Eats.png

So, as you can imagine, this was the only real meal of the day.  After lunch I headed over to spend some time with my family out on the patio to enjoy the weather and some drinks!


Sunday Night-Time Snacks: Cake, cashew ice cream, and tea… but my phone died so, your S.O.L.

So yes, that is pretty much the food I ate this weekend and I hope you have some serious food envy!  Remember- if your food is boring, you’re not living right!

Until the next time friends… Eat Food. Love Life !



4 thoughts on “WIAW – Eats Lately & Recap!

  1. So inspiring! You are such a beacon of positivity! I love your approach to balance and keeping it light and not getting too serious but at the same time caring enough about the food that you buy and the food that you eat. It’s so refreshing!


  2. so in love with egg yolks too – why are they so beautiful?! and that pasta looks delicious, i’m always a fan of having a healthy pasta dish with veggies at the end of the day since it’s so easy but still healthy if you eat it in moderation!! 🙂


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