Market Musings: Welland Market

If you are from the Niagara Region, consider yourself lucky! Market season is just getting started and this year HAS to be the year you go and check one out!

There are so many different markets you can choose from (click here for more info) and today I want to showcase, the one most near and dear to my heart…


The Welland Farmers Market!  Let’s be honest, if you are from the area, then you know that Welland has a bit of a bad rep.  However, that’s old news and I am here to inform you otherwise!

Over the last few years, Welland has been getting a facelift and is finally starting to show the beauty and charm that I always knew was there.  It is full of so many hidden gems and the Saturday Market is definitely one of them.


This year, the City has impressed me by really taking the time to clean up the market and make it an inviting space for locals, tourists, and families alike.

They planted beautiful flower beds, created multiple seating areas, and pumped some much needed TLC into such an awesome place.  It’s really nice to see what is being done to try and make our city better.  I absolutely love it.



On Saturdays, the market starts at 6am (which is crazy!) but I would say that 8:30 onwards is primetime for an awesome experience.  By this time the vendors are open for business, the produce is fully stocked,  and the parking lots/crowds are manageable.  You are still able to chat with the farmers and navigate the tables with easy and enjoyment.  After 10 am, is a bit of a different story, but don’t worry, there is always enough produce to go around!

Market City

In my opinion, the Welland Market is one of the best markets in the area… but obviously I’m biased! The vendors are kind, the variety is abundant, and the diversity of products will keep you coming back.

MArket Morning

When you walk into the square, immediately your senses will be on overload.  First, the delicious smell of amazing BBQ and breakfast takes over, then you begin to notice all the vibrant colours, then the exciting chatter of all the people fills the air, and this is when the market experience really begins.

Market City1

Outside in the square is really where all the excitement is and where I spend most of my time.  Here you will find the majority of the fresh produce and in season happenings.  Dozens of farmers, bakers, nurseries, and artisans literally are lined around the parameter of the entire space offering anything and everything you would like.  The produce is constantly changing and not one vendor is exactly the same.

Bry-Anne Farms
Bry-Anne Farms
Welland Market
Bow-Ridge Farms

Inside is a bit of a different story.  There are two main buildings that are open all year round, each of them showcasing a variety of different options.  In the first building you will find crafts, bakeries, and miscellaneous sellers.


In the second building is where you will find all things meat & cheese related, as well as delicious prepared foods!  This building is always full of people and the showcases are filled to the brim with different varieties of ethnic eats, deli meats, chicken, beef, pork, and cheeses galore!

Welland Market

Country Corner Market (Major local favourite)

As you can see, there is SO MUCH available from our local farmers that it is next to impossible not to want to check out!  Believe me, I didn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to all the amazing things the Welland Market has to offer.  Even if you don’t end up buying anything, attending the market is such a fun and rewarding experience.


Throughout this market season, I plan to take the time to highlight some of my favourite vendors that you will find at the Welland Market.  This serves a few purposes;

  1. I hope to spread awareness and exposure into the farms I love to support.
  2. It provides a good “starting point” for any readers and fellow market goers.
  3. It allows me to feel like I am giving back a little something to the farmers that have given me so much.
  4. Its my blog so its my rules.
Creek Shore Farms! My Fav.

Remember, like Foodland Ontario says “Good things grow in Ontario” and it’s about time you check it out!

Eat Food. Love Life


For a list of Welland Market vendors, please visit

For all information regarding Ontario markets or what’s in-season, please visit

For another great read on the importance/awesomeness of visiting and supporting your local farmers market, please visit   Market Musings: Buy Local

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