My Journey: Self-Esteem, Insecurities, and Body Image Pt. 2

Part 1  left off as I explained the breaking point of my life. I was 25, consumed in an eating disorder, broken, and basically feeling hopeless; which, lucky for me, happens to be the perfect place to begin building your life back up again. Only I had no idea what that meant, because as far … Continue reading My Journey: Self-Esteem, Insecurities, and Body Image Pt. 2

My Journey: Self-Esteem, Insecurities, and Body Image Pt. 1

Feeling comfortable in my own skin.  This is what I have been dealing with lately. Well, lately is a HUGE understatement because if I’m totally honest, I have been dealing with body image issues for as long as I can remember.  Only, I thought these days were behind me and the internal negative body talk … Continue reading My Journey: Self-Esteem, Insecurities, and Body Image Pt. 1

The Reality of Father’s Day

I stood in front of a wall full of buns for 15 minutes as my mind raced a mile a minute trying to decide which ones I was going to pick up.  They had to be perfect.  I didn't know how many I needed but I definitely had criteria.  They had to be fresh baked, the perfect … Continue reading The Reality of Father’s Day

Switch It Up! Burgers On The BBQ

Can you believe it's half way through June?  Seriously, where did the time go?  I'm absolutely LOVING the warm weather lately and I'm so happy it will stick around for awhile. A quick and easy segway into this post is by simply declaring that BBQ is my buddy and burgers are my jam.  Throughout the summer … Continue reading Switch It Up! Burgers On The BBQ

Crepe Cake Adventures

If you love crepes, you will absolutely love this cake!  I definitely wouldn't consider myself a super fan or anything, but I certainly do love a challenge.  So when I saw this recipe from Canadian Living, I couldn't help but take on the challenge of recreating this multi-layered Raspberry Orange Crepe Cake. The motivation behind … Continue reading Crepe Cake Adventures

Market Musings: Welland Market

If you are from the Niagara Region, consider yourself lucky! Market season is just getting started and this year HAS to be the year you go and check one out! There are so many different markets you can choose from (click here for more info) and today I want to showcase, the one most near … Continue reading Market Musings: Welland Market

WIAW – Eats Lately & Recap!

This WIAW post (if you're thinking, more like WTF?  Click here) is going to showcase 3 days of awesome eating.  As well as highlight the fact that balance is key and food should NOT be boring. This past weekend was the perfect balance of all things I love and more!  Between the gorgeous weather, minimal plans, lots of family, … Continue reading WIAW – Eats Lately & Recap!

Bea’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

It was a sad day in our household, as we enjoyed the last 2 peanut butter cookies lingering in our freezer.  We have gotten so used to having this delicious treat at arms reach for the past couple weeks that now we are jonesin' for more... Only this time, lets talk Oatmeal Raisin.  Which is … Continue reading Bea’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Make Today Awesome!

Happy Friday and NATIONAL DONUT DAY to you all!! It is absolutely gorgeous out and it is next to impossible to not feel completely energized and excited for this day.  As I sit here writing this post, the sun is coming up, the birds are chirping, and I have a HUGE cup of coffee in … Continue reading Make Today Awesome!

Bea’s Top 5: Grab & Go Snacks

I used to be the type of person that would only eat 3 (carefully planned out) meals a day.  Allowing for snacks was not factored into my diet regime and by 2pm I would be left with low energy and on a desperate hunt for an afternoon pick me up.  Obviously this was a recipe … Continue reading Bea’s Top 5: Grab & Go Snacks